زبان سرای دبیر - لغات درس چهارم پیش دانشگاهی
آموزش رایگان زبان انگلیسی از طریق کتاب کار "دبیر" ویژه دانش آموزان دوره متوسطه و

aftershock = smaller earthquakes which occur after a large earthquake

assume = to believe sth is true without knowing

available = that can be used; ready

be made up of=  be composed of

bookshelf= board used for holding books

calm= not excited; quiet; smooth

center = middle part

 clean up =  take away (dirt, rubbish) from a place

conclusion =  ending; finishing; result               

consist of=  be made up of              

core = central part                                               

 crust =  hard part of the earth (on the outside)                 

definitely = for sure; certainly                       

department =  one of several dividing  of a large organization

destructive = causing great damage 

direction = line of movement  

discoverer =  a person who finds, sees, learns of  sth no one knew before

doorway = opening for a door; the opening through a door        

earthquake = sudden movement of the earth's surface  

emergency =  serious situation needing quick action

entirely =  completely; fully 

estimate = calculate not very exactly; guess 

fault = break in layers of rock; a mistake 

first aid =  medical care given immediately to an injured person before a doctor comes                                                         

first aid kit =  set of tools and instruments used in first aid

fix = arrange; stick 

float =  (cause sth to) stay on the surface of a liquid       

flood = large amount of water on a normally dry area   

 floor =  surface of a room on which one stands and walks; level of a building

forecast =  predict; say what is going to happen in future    

fortunately = luckily

furniture =  large moveable things (e.g, tables, chairs, etc) in a house

geology / =  study of the earth's rock, crust, etc               

go sailing =  travel on water by boat                   

hit = touch forceful -  affect badly                    

hypothesize =  suggest possible ideas     

imagination =  sth experienced in mind, not in real life  

 immediate =  happening or done at once, without anything coming between

indoors =  in or onto a building; inside         

instructions =  information on how to do sth        

instrument =  sth used for special work; tool

item = single thing in a list; a general word for a thing or object   

land = make sth  come down to the ground               .

 layer =  thickness of a material on a surface                     

 legend =  old story (especially one that may not be true)      

light =  not of great strength; low in strength             

liquid =  substance that moves freely but is not a gas               

locate =  find out the exact place of

luckily =  happily; by good chance                          

mantle= layer of the earth between the crust and the core     

measure =  find the size, degree, etc of; calculate 

mechanism =  working parts of sth; way of getting sth done

melt = (cause to) become liquid through heating  

mother tongue =  first language that one learns as a child   

 name =  give a name to; refer to by name

 occur =  happen; take place

organization =  group of people working together for a purpose such as a business 

outdoors =  out or outside a building; into the open air

overpass= road that passes over another road, railway, etc by a kind of a bridge                                                             

Pacific Ocean =  the ocean located between eastern Asia & Australia on one side and North & South America on the other                        

pilot = person trained to operate the controls of any machine that flies (usually airplanes)

place =  put in a special place                                 

 plan =  arrange to do sth; a design of action to do sth in future

populated = filled with people                      

possibility = something that may happen; chance         

predict =to say what will happen in the future

pressure=(force produced by) pressing                  

primarily =mainly; specially                       

procedure / pra'si:d33 / (n.): usual way of doing sth  

property = things owned; belongings                        

provide=make available; make ready     

rattle = (cause to) make short sounds; shake causing sounds

reality = something actually seen or experienced; real state of things as they are                                                              

record = keep (on tape, disc, etc to be heard or seen or used later)

rest = the remaining part; the others; what is left                   

seismograph= instrument that records the strength of an earthquake

seismologist =a person who examines the earthquakes  

separate =  divided; not joined; different                    

shake =  move quickly from side to side, up and down (repeatedly); act of shaking                                                    

shock = sudden (very great) surprise; shake

smoothly =  easily                             .

so far = until now                                          

soft =  not hard                                                 

solid = (of a substance) keeping its shape; not in the form of liquid or gas

stick = become fixed in one place and not move           

storm =  (period of) very strong winds and rain                      

strike = hit; attack                                          

summary = a short statement of the main points of sth        

 surface = the top layer                                           

survive =  continue living (after a difficult experience or hard conditions)

term =  call or name                                                

thief=  person who steals; robber                                       

underpass = road that goes under another road 

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